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  • What is VoIP?
  • How is Star2Star different from other VoIP solutions?
  • How is the voice quality?
  • Can I keep my current phone numbers?
  • Can I do a side-by-side comparison?
  • Is Emergency 911 provided?
  • Is Star2Star different from residential VoIP services?
  • Do I need to cancel my current phone service provider?
  • How reliable is this phone service?
  • How does the Star2Star monitoring system work?
  • What backup provisions are in place?
  • How are toll-free numbers handled?


  • What are my savings likely to be?
  • What are the long distance calling costs?


  • What features does Star2Star offer?
  • What are my savings likely to be?
  • Our company has many locations but we only want to publish a single phone number. Can you do this?
  • Can I publish local phone numbers in cities where I do business even if I don’t have an office there?
  • Can a single user have multiple extensions?
  • I have several small locations and I would like to consolidate my telephone reception between them. Can I do this?
  • Are there any limitations on voicemail?
  • Can I do conference calling with Star2Star?


  • Do I need to install new wiring?
  • I only have old style telephone cabling. Can I use Star2Star?
  • What equipment is needed?
  • Do you support computer softphones?
  • Do I need to buy a dedicated computer to run this service?
  • Do your phones provide an intercom capability?
  • Do your phones provide paging?
  • Can I use my existing analog phones?
  • Can I use my existing PBX?
  • What telephone options are available?


  • Do I need to change my Internet provider?
  • What are the bandwidth requirements?
  • Do I need to rewire my building to use this service?


  • Who installs Star2Star?
  • Is training provided?
  • Are system upgrades automatic?
  • Do I need to obtain my own phone service or anything else to make this work?
  • How does your "Immediate Replacement Plan?" work?