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StarBox Voice Appliances

Star2Star provides the world’s most reliable business communications solution. We designed and built our system and service together to provide a revolutionary set of features with unmatched quality and reliability. All Star2Star systems include a StarBox, our super-reliable, solid-state, on-premise Voice Appliance. The StarBox provides all the features of an IP PBX system as well as vital traffic-shaping and quality monitoring and management functions.

We currently offer three StarBox models:

  • StarBox 5500 (up to 500 local extensions)
  • StarBox 2250 (up to 250 local extensions)
  • StarBox Lite (up to 20 local extensions)

All three StarBox models are functionally identical, except for the number of supported users. Whether you are using a cable, DSL, T1, or Fiber Internet connection, these systems provide powerful and unique calling features, unlimited voice mail, extensive interactive voice menus, ring groups, conference rooms, and call queues.

The StarBox connects over the Internet to one of our data centers, where we manage and monitor the quality of your phone system. We monitor the status of each StarBox, around the clock. Our continuous monitoring allows us to guarantee 99.99% reliability while providing dramatic savings over traditional systems.

Call Recording
The StarBox 2250 and StarBox 5500 are available with optional internal solid-state storage for call recording. The Model 2250CR can store up to 2,500 hours of recorded calls, and the model 5500CR stores up to 5,000 hours.

Recorded calls can be played back using the Star2Star Application Framework. We also offer an optional cloud-based archive service for long-term storage of call recordings.

Be Cool, Be Green
The StarBox 2250 uses only 25 Watts of power; the StarBox Lite uses 6. Both units are silent, fanless designs with no hard drives or other moving parts. The StarBox 5500 is a 1U rackmount unit. It uses approximately 100 Watts of power, and it employs a Solid-State Disk (SSD) for quiet, reliable operation and long life.

Download the StarBox Family flyer at this link.